Cross DJ 4 Pro Autoplay Mode

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Cross DJ 4 Pro Autoplay Mode

Postby InRush on 06 Jun 2019, 16:01

Hey folks!

I just tried out the Cross DJ 4 Pro, overall it looks and feels good. A lot faster than Cross 3.4.3

What is wrong with the Autoplay function? I just simply throw a bunch of music into the Autplay and started it. This songs are typical for a background music for weddings, for example. There is no need for auto BPM matching, but Cross is doing it all the time. The Autoplay function settings "no sync, dynamic sync and statis sync" only sets up if the track goes back to normal BPM after mixing.
Tracks from a very low BPM to a medium BPM mix sounds really awful.
Is there a way to set up the system like the old Cross 3.4.3 behavior?
The new Autoplay is nice, when the tracks match BPM, but sometimes there is a need for the "oldschool" way of simple cross- fade the tracks.

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Re: Cross DJ 4 Pro Autoplay Mode

Postby DazrahT on 10 Jun 2019, 02:41

Glad it's not just me that has found this annoying too
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Re: Cross DJ 4 Pro Autoplay Mode

Postby dachenbach on 14 Jun 2019, 17:55

I have no Pro Version but the same Problem. Can't find how to stop this function. :evil:
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Re: Cross DJ 4 Pro Autoplay Mode

Postby sfronti on 15 Jun 2019, 09:52

Same here.

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Re: Cross DJ 4 Pro Autoplay Mode

Postby InRush on 17 Jun 2019, 07:36

I'm happy that noone from the Mixvibes Team is commenting on this
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Re: Cross DJ 4 Pro Autoplay Mode

Postby Dj Nico on 13 Jul 2019, 20:21

Holy crap. Ha Ha Ha. I just tried to use the Autoplay... :confused:
I guess no more playing 80's or mixed music genre using the autoplay. :redface:
Try playing Billy Idol's Mony Mony 135bpm and then The Doors' - Break on through 183bpm... the second track auto pitches to like 340 odd bpm during the cross-fader's automix transition.

This is the dumbest feature ever invented. :rolleyes:

I guess when you're playing 120 - 124 bpm techno using autoplay, it might come in handy. Unfortunately Cross DJ Pro 4.0.0 (32 bits) crashes too often for me to actually use it.
Dj Nico
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