Where has Abitmessie been

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Where has Abitmessie been

Postby abitmessie on 10 Oct 2008, 23:25

Hey guys

I do apoligise for not being on the forum over the last few weeks due to a local plumber working on my place was a tool and decided to slice my phone line :( :twisted: :evil: i have been without internet access :cry:
My local telco company is terrible (telstra) dont buy there stocks wish i didnt!!!:) and it has taken over 3 weeks to put in a new copper phone line, and to make matters worse my work decided to block my access to Mixvibes and the forum,, still waiting on a answers as to why on that one!!!!

But the phone line was fixed finally yesterday afternoon only to find that my modem and filter were also destroyed
i went and go a new modem this morning and im back online
700 personal emails and so many post to read and reply to on the forum ill get through them shortly!!
I see everyone has been busy which is good new beta out alright cant wait for the install cd to arrive!!!!

Keep it real and hope no missed my 2 much!! :) :) :) once agian i do applogise!!!!!!!
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Re: Where has Abitmessie been

Postby phadedvision on 11 Oct 2008, 04:15

Sorry to hear about all that man, we're glad you're back though! :D
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Re: Where has Abitmessie been

Postby wazza on 11 Oct 2008, 12:09

welcome back my friend....

got your PM....Good to here your got your clear v2b vinly from me

I thought it might have got lost in the mail
:cool: c00l People MV Society :cool:
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Re: Where has Abitmessie been

Postby compact on 11 Oct 2008, 12:14

yeah, welcome back :!:
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