Cross DJ 4 needs these functions fixed or added

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Cross DJ 4 needs these functions fixed or added

Postby redocoder on 04 Nov 2019, 05:57

Hello, I like the new software but some things are broken or missing.

Toggle External Display button does not work at all, the button lights up but nothing shows on secondary monitor not even black screen.

Cannot load Videos separately from Audio or am I doing something wrong?

'Reload As Clone of Master' function does not load the track with the same playback time of the master like Cross does.

Change event mapping prompt for adding or reassigning MIDI commands.

Where is the audio line-in? Could you add this with BPM detection as well?

Spout video input and output.

More compatibility with video capture cards for video input source.

More web interactivity.

If you could get these implemented this would be the best software out there.
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Re: Cross DJ 4 needs these functions fixed or added

Postby RoJeC on 04 Nov 2019, 20:06

redocoder wrote:Where is the audio line-in?

Not in the menu/GUI but can be selected via keyboard command and MIDI.


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