Two major bugs

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Two major bugs

Postby doubldee123 on 23 Jul 2019, 15:07

There are two major bugs
- cue points and loops are randomly lost. This is very annoying because it is very clumsy to create and fitting loops as there is no manual in/out/editing and creation is sticked to the bars.
- the application often crashes while accessing the record list - this seems to happen more often after the last update (V 3.6.0, iOS 12.3.1).

In addition the following improvements would be very appreciated

Reset for Pitch (Zero/on/off)
Reset for EQ (all (zero/on/off)
Go Back to the last entry/leaf when searching in Music File/List Tree instead of starting at the beginning (e.g a)
Create another view/window mode for maximizing vinyl scratch area. Wider position Cue, Pause button to record for better scratch handling
Optimize vinyl emulation - takes to long when starting after hold in scratch mode

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