Autoplay on PC (free) vs Automix on Cross pro for Android?

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Autoplay on PC (free) vs Automix on Cross pro for Android?

Postby ekwalberg on 30 Jun 2019, 16:45

So I've been playing around with Automix on Cross Pro for Android and Autoplay on Cross (free) for PC. What I love about Cross Pro on Android is the following:

1. I can view the moving waveforms above and below each other rather than side by side. Is that possible with any version of Cross for PC?

2. The next auto-mixed song on Cross Pro for Android is immediately loaded right away so I can see it and then move around within the song. Then I can click "sync" to start sync'd movement of the next song (to the current song), and then I click the little fader arrow to have it switch songs around when I want it to switch. Is this possible on any PC version of the software? In Cross (free) for PC, I can't find any way to get the next (autoplay) song to load earlier so that I can position it.
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