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Cross-fade columns

Postby ianef on 16 Jul 2018, 11:37


Could you please add a cross-fade so that it's less jumpy when changing pads. Maybe this could be done on a column basis if rendering more than one pad, if only rendering one pad at a time then always. Maybe allow configuration of fade-out and fade in delays.

I know this would need a little anticipation when switching pads by hand but the effect would generally be much nicer than just a hard switch between clips.

Also the Autopilot BPM system would need to anticipate the fade-out time and trigger the switch early.

It's actually really bad when using Autopilot, there is a very noticeable pause when switching to the next pad selection.

Another problem I've noticed is with the first display of a newly loaded sample pack. The first render of a pad stalls briefly, shortly after loading. Once all the pads have been displayed once it's fine, it's just that initial render that stalls. I guess you are fully loading the clip when it's first rendered which is why it stalls. Can't you pre-load all the clips in the pack in the background as soon as the pack is loaded or a clip is changed, that way there should be no delay on the first render.

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