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remixvideo: MIDI control suggestions

Postby djpiatto on 21 Feb 2018, 16:29

I use the remixvideo plugin with Ableton live and Push and here are my problems.
I try to create a drumrack with Ableton live for remixvideo in order to use it directly with Push. The problem is that I can't assign macrocommands for the mixer type and for the fx type because they are represented only with a list. The solution would be to have a knob representing each list. This would be also great for the MIDI learn section of the software. For the moment I can only assign this parameters to another MIDI controler in the MIDI section of remixvideo. Another good option would be to have all the mixer type and all the fx listed in the MIDI section in order to assign each of them to a different MIDI note or cc. That could be great to select your favorite fx with a pad.
Like I already read in the forum, the use of MIDI program change for selecting your video bank would also be great.
Thanks for your attention.
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