Sound issues: crackle, garble, slowing down

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Sound issues: crackle, garble, slowing down

Postby Definite Jiving on 31 Dec 2017, 04:59

Cross DJ For Android has worked well for me since I purchased it a couple of years ago, but recently it has been producing crackling noises and garbling while playing when I go into playlists or database to search for next tracks, and I've also had a track slow down and speed up while I performed a search.

This is not acceptable, as I use the app professionally in my work.

How can I fix these issues?

I'm using Cross DJ (paid) 3.2.2 on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 with Android 7.0. I've tried changing several settings, including the decoders, the Async setting, and the latency slider.
Definite Jiving
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Re: Sound issues: crackle, garble, slowing down

Postby RoJeC on 31 Dec 2017, 20:23

If it's not resolved by changing the settings there are 2 suspected causes. First would you're running out of free disk cap of your device. Or other apps have increased in CPU usage leaving Cross with less capacity to run with.


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Soundcard not available/working? Try the 32bit version of Cross (is also installed).
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Re: Sound issues: crackle, garble, slowing down

Postby Dr185 on 15 Jan 2018, 14:51

I'm having similar problems. One track is loaded, everything is playing fine. I load a second track, when I attempt to mix there is a slow down on both tracks and a lack of sync. Totally useless app now and I have a gig in 2 weeks! There is plenty of memory remaining and I've done a ram and cpu clean up, but doesn't help. I have barely any apps on this tablet since it's for Djing mainly, so nothing else is using the memory. Cross DJ has worked (quite) well since I first purchased it. Only a few weeks ago it was working normally. I have a little play today and suddenly it's glitchy as hell. I've not put any other apps on the tab, so what else could be the problem?
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Re: Sound issues: crackle, garble, slowing down

Postby Dr185 on 16 Jan 2018, 04:08

A factory reset fixed the issue. But now I have the laborious task of making my playlists again! At least I screen shot them to remember the lists.
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