Button to Return to the Beginning of the File

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Button to Return to the Beginning of the File

Postby Calcam on 07 Jun 2015, 19:16

I've been talking to the management. I would like to see a button that will return to the start of the file that is presently playing. I don't want to change the function of the Cue button. I want an additional button.

My problem is that I find that the cue button often does NOT set at the beginning of the file when I open a new file. In a previous conversation, I was told the automatic Cue button starts at the first beat. That is fine, but the first beat often does not include the intro. I often want to start at the intro.

I feel many of us need both. That would require an additional button which I'm told would be easy to add. I'm told that it will only be done if many users join me in that request. I'm asking for your support.
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Re: Button to Return to the Beginning of the File

Postby RoJeC on 07 Jun 2015, 20:25

Please register your license to show you're a Cross user.

Just in case you refer to our other conversation you misinterpreted some. Moderators at the forum are not management of MixVibes. Just experienced users.

Next might be to have hardware manufacturers add this button and expand their sales.


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Re: Button to Return to the Beginning of the File

Postby daniel clark on 07 Jun 2015, 20:34

:eek: yes we think that there is some misunderstanding :eek:
locking this topic for duplicity :eek:
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