CrossDJ for iPhone on 1st Gen iPad

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CrossDJ for iPhone on 1st Gen iPad

Postby DSOUND on 12 Jan 2013, 22:50

Hi guys

Well first of all u may wonder why I am asking this question, but unfortunately CrossDJ for iPad doesn't run on the 1st generation iPad however CrossDJ for iPhone does (although in a streched 2x mode...).

However where on the iPhone 4 the app is very stable, on the iPad 1st Gen the app seems to crash (close itself) at random (especially when loading a track while another is playing).

I have analyzed all my music beforehand and closed all other apps, even tried Airplane mode however I still experience crashes.

Is there any reason why CrossDJ for iPhone wouldn't work on the 1st Gen iPad? The only difference in specs between the iPhone 4 & the iPad 1st Gen is the memory afaik?

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Re: CrossDJ for iPhone on 1st Gen iPad

Postby Luziano on 14 Jan 2013, 11:55


You're right, iPhone 4 RAM is 512, while the iPad 1 only has 256. Think you got memory issues (there are some apps that give you access to the logs of your device, like System Status, you should see something like "Low Memory" in your logs).

We're continuously improving our apps' performances / stability, while adding new features at the same time. Hope one day we will better handle low spec devices (3GS, iPad 1, ...).
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