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* Register your software (User Control Panel > Profile > Serial Number)
* Go to the download center and install the latest versions of software and drivers
* Use the search tool to look into topics
* Check the FAQs to be sure your problem hasn't been solved already
* Write in concise and precise ENGLISH Thank you.

Tips & FAQs

Postby Support@MixVibes on 13 Jan 2011, 12:16

Here are the most common issues and their answers :
Fill in your license key to get support, viewtopic.php?f=268&t=18922

License key already in use ?
Write a message to N-Deep (in English or French) with a proof that it is yours (

Lost license key ?
- If it is in your profile just copy it from the control panel.
- If it is in your profile but not the last license key write a message to N-Deep.
- If it is not in your profile sorry you are lost. No chance to get it back.

Second hand software
You bought it second hand and the other user has it in its profile? Ask the seller to write a message to N-Deep or Support@MixVibes so that he can cancel the license key from the seller profile.

Where do I find my license key ?
- Usually it is on the back of your CD sleeve.
- If you have bought the software online it might be in an email send to you by the eshop.
- If you still found nothing then see with your seller.

Timecode trouble
- The timecode quality going up and down on one deck shows an issue into the sound capture. Try to switch both decks to see if the issue changes the side too, also check cables, needles, cartridges.
- Serato, Torq, Traktor vinyls won't work correctly into MixVibes (not the same frequency range). MixVibes vinyls are 1.3 kHz and CDs are 3 kHz.

- As written in the quick start guide, be aware that the pitch is set to 0%.

- CDJ user/CD player user: CD players in general have a very high sound output. With the U-MIX44 audio interface, you have to set the input faders in the control panel to 9% (play around with it).

Discover DJ / U-Mix Control / i-Mix
- U-Mix Control, Discover DJ, i-Mix and other MIDI controller hardware help: viewtopic.php?f=268&t=16106

- Ion Discover DJ 1.3.2 latest version without any updates

- Numark iDJ3 Cross DJ 1.3.4 latest version without any updates

- If the software works and the board seems to be broken, contact the Ion / DJ Tech / Numark or whatever support.

Problem with the delivered installation CD of DVS-Ultimate ?
There are some broken installation CDs out there. Fill in your license key in your profile. Write a message to N-Deep or Support@MixVibes with your invoice.

Medias issues
Error code: "Can't load media error message - file to big to load....."
- DRM protected files? DRM = copyright-protected, those files can't be used outside the host application (usually iTunes or Windows Media Player).
- MPEG Layer 4 Audio format? Does not work when no codec pack for mp4 is installed. You can convert the mp4 files to mp3.

U46MKII configuration problems
- Please use the latest driver U46MK2 v3.0. You can find it in the Download Center of our forum.
- You can use the ASIO4ALL driver if you feel better with it (
- Both drivers work with MixVibes software!
- If you have more than one driver installed you will run into a total disaster!
- If so, make a clean uninstallation of all your useless drivers:
- unplug the audio interface
- uninstall every software entry of your audio interface
- use CCleaner to be sure that nothing is left in the registry
- if you’re an expert, you might do this manually without CCleaner.
- reboot
- re-install. Start the installer. Use a totally different location/path (i.e. was it formerly installed to ‘C:\program files\MV’ use ‘C:\MV’) to prevent old links that are left.
- follow the wizard's steps - plug the interface in when the wizard says, not even earlier.

Cueing / monitoring / headphones
You purchased any MixVibes software without an additional audio interface and want to use your build-in soundcard?
This is what you need:
- If your build-in soundcard has more than two outputs, configure your software that way (Routing Mode in the Audio preferences) that one output is for the master and the other one for the Cue.
- Your build-in soundcard only has one output? You need an additional soundcard, there are USB dongle soundcards with one output that you can use. You have to set it up with the ASIO4ALL driver so that you can assign both in the MixVibes software. WARNING: MixVibes Home can not use ASIO4ALL.

Comparision of mixvibes software?

- ... e-software
- LE stands for "Limited Edition" and don't be angry if limited really means limited.
- DVS LE : limited version (one deck) and some other manufacturer.
- There are 2 DVS LE versions : an older one with DJ-Tech products and need 2 license keys and work fully. The lastest one with the U-Mix44 and will only allow one deck input.

DVS Pro, DVS Ultimate ?
- DVS Pro : no longer edited.
- DVS Ultimate : latest release with Producer features.

Audio drop outs
- Try the dsp latency checker:
you should always be on the green side.

- Check your latency settings. Set it up to the highest level and go down in steps if you get drop outs take a higher step and try mixing with this latency, drop outs should be gone.

- PC/laptop/notebook/computer optimazed for audio software ?
Works not only for Windows XP, also for Vista and Seven with some exceptions.

- In Cross: In General Preferences, set your audio cache to 0%; this works for some users, for others it does not - it is worth a try.

- Slow / external / sleeping hard drive are a main cause too.

Thanks to Blackbrook who compiled all this...
Original thread : viewtopic.php?f=207&t=19061&
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