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Re: OFFICIAL UPDATE - MixVibes 7.21

Postby kixx on 02 May 2009, 19:49

Hey can someone please help me,iv been trying to download the mixvibes 7 .21 update,I have entered my serial number but it says i am already registered but i still cant access the download link.
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Re: OFFICIAL UPDATE - MixVibes 7.21

Postby jiel on 03 May 2009, 14:47

sorry but 7.21 update is for HOME, DVS and PRO version only.
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Re: OFFICIAL UPDATE - MixVibes 7.21

Postby guchi on 05 May 2009, 00:36

Hi all

first of all: thx for the update. I notice that updates come cleaner and cleaner, and I really appreciate that!

That said, they are still some bugs:

First of all ,old ones ( from before version 7)

1) (old bug before vers 7) When changing a media on the player, the monitor for the player resets to "off". This is very annoying when you are searching for a new song and change the media a few times in a row. You always have to hit the monitor button. In my case I'm using a MIDI controller, so it's a quick thing to do. But if you were using jsut the mouse this could drive you crazy ... It would be nice to fix that (i.e. the monitor state shouldn't change when loading a new media).

2) (old bug before vers 7) There's a bug I have posted a while ago (over a year) concerning the bypass mode and it's still there . When bypass is "on" and you load a media to the player, the song will be loaded, but no vinyl control is possible (even though it's switched on). On the other hand, it is possible to play the file by hitting the play button ( the vinyl button beeing still on). Try reproduce this: load a song as usual in vinyl mode, hit bypass, now load a song (bypass still on), the song is loaded (bypass still on), vinyl control is disabled although vinyl mode is still on. TO switch vinyl mode "on" again you have to toggle the button twice (i.e first off then on again).
In my opinion, when in bypass it shouldn't even be possible to load a new song (maybe a message appearing on the player that it's not possible to load a new song in bypass mode). Why do I think this is the cleanest way to do it? I am personally using an external MIDI control. I have a dedicated switch for the bypass mode, because i use it really often. Having two distinct states (on / off) it must be in sync with the software (i.e switch in upper position means "on", lower == "off"). Allowing to drop a media while in bypass mode would desyncronize the software and the controller.

And some new bugs:

3)(new bug in vers 7.21) I use to save bpm information in the comment field of mp3 tags. This field used to be displayed correctly in version 7.1, now I only see squares...

4) (old bug before vers 7) That leads me to the following bug / strange thing? Why are bpm that are saved in the "bpm" tag field not available in mixvibes? (It works in serato without any problem) It's neither possible to add a column "bpm" in the media base view, nor does any bpm information appear when slecting the bpm tree in the selection tab ?

You probably ask yourself why I'm not simply using the builtin bpm analyse. Well,I mix a lot of funk, and you know the beats aren't accurate since this is mostly live played stuff. However as I ripped a lot of new vinyl lately I decided to analyze their bpm approximately just to be able to sort them more esaily before preparing a set. I know that bpm estimation is not that easy especially on funk, so, as expected the mixvibes bpm analyzer fails on most of the tracks (no blame for that). So I decied to use mixmesiter bpm for that... and the results were better but still had to correct a lot manually. So I've been doing all this work, and I thought, yeah great, now I will save a lot of time preparing my mixes. I turned off automatic bpm analysisat laod, so that mixvibes wouldn't interfer with the manually collected "valid" bpm values, and as described above I couldn't use directly this bpm information in mixvibes (still wondering why). As a workaround I copied all this information in the comment field, so I could sort the tracks according to their bpms... Well, that worked fine untill the new update...

5) Where is the album cover view ? After one hour trying out different skins, reinstalling mixvibes and so on, I even looked up the release notes, but couldn't find any information that this feature had been removed (I mean why would you? this is / was one of the best features in mixvibes and a big + compared to serato) It's only after looking up the forum that I found out that this feature has been removed because of stability issues.

6) (old bug/strange thing before vers 7) Why do the asio input appear as an audio song in all the fields once you have used bypass mode? I use rme rpm board.. I always get something like that "asio rpm in 1_2" added to my song list... it even appears as an extension in the tree view. THis is really a strange thing. A while ago, a friend of mine didn't know what it was so he droped it into one of the players: the system crashed. Lukilely it was at the start of the gig, but we always used his serato after that... It 's only with mixvibes 7 that confidence slowly went back. Since vesion 7, I never had any crash again... My confidence level is increasing steadily...

That leads me to the following remark / request and I think maybe other people have the same thoughts:

I really like mixvibes ! I have been using it for years now. I use it beacause I like the vibe about it. It's a good community and nice developper team, and they're french and i'm french so I like supporting it :;) Furthermore, I've been using it for years, so I've seen it growing like a baby, lol...
However, sometimes I really get annoyed by the numerous bugs. Basically, it never works all at the time. When a new feature comes in, a new bug also find its way in.
I'm not blaming anyone for that. I think it's amazing how many new features you come up with each release.
But, personnally, I don't need all these new features ! I would really really prefer much less new features, but as a counterpart a strong effort on bug fixing, robustness and user friendlyness.

The problem is the follwing: As soon as there is a new feature, people want to try it out (like me). For instance, the cover view... I used to live without it. But as the feature came in, of course I wanted to use it, so I cleaned up all my mp3, making sure the covers are integrated int he id3 tags ans so on. I just started being used to it, and now... new release and it's gone... just like that, without any notice ( maybe I have overseen it, but I guess not).

I don't want to blame anyone. I bought mixvibes a long time ago, and still get updates for free (where other companies would call it upgrades or new versions that they would sell for a lot of money) . That is great... thx a lot for that...

Personnally I would be more than happy paying for a new clean update, one that you can install from scratch (not this bad looking 2 directory 2 exe kind of stuff as it is right now). If the releases were stable each time, people could choose between getting the new features (pay for the development) or stick with their stable version if they don't need the new features...

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you have to make people pay for updates, but if that would fix the resource bottleneck for testing / bug fixing, do it ! Maybe a donate kind of thing like in the open source world ?! I think a lot of people would be glad to support development (including me) that way...

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Re: OFFICIAL UPDATE - MixVibes 7.21

Postby daniel clark on 05 May 2009, 00:56

:cool: :cool: A LOT OF INFORMATION :cool: thank you for clearly expressing your views :cool: somthing i have a hard time doing,,, :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: i heard you hopefully some one else will and use it for consideration :cool: :cool:
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Re: OFFICIAL UPDATE - MixVibes 7.21

Postby TAURUS on 08 May 2009, 20:11

Hi Mixvibers,

Again you did wonderfull work :!: :!:

MV is getting more stable and relaiable then ever.

but..... i have a serious problem with loading the peakfiles automatically into the mediabase (BPM).

for example: i have a backup of my peakfile (about 30000 vpk files)
(the peakfiles where created on my desktop computer)

i ran a new setup of mixvibes on my laptop and i create a new mediabase ("total" it contains all mp3 files also 30000) If the mediabase is loaded it will not load the vpk files which are in the peakdirectory.
Then i have to analyse again and save the mediabase.... :cry: :cry:
This costs so much time, what could be the problem?

I create again an new mediabase and ran agian the analyse (a complete new one) but now on the laptop and made also a back-up of it. then i did run a new setup of MV, create a new mediabase and again the vpk files (BPM etc.) are not loading.

some bug maybe?
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Re: OFFICIAL UPDATE - MixVibes 7.21

Postby calculator on 09 May 2009, 14:48

I don't know exactly maybe its not a bug, notice it has appeared in previous (release candidat) versions, but think it will be fixed in official update..
in previous official update versions infos about quality of played tracks was correctly displayed..;
in last update quality of track showed only during analyse of file..
here two screens:
when going analyse
after analyse
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Re: OFFICIAL UPDATE - MixVibes 7.21

Postby =leonardo= on 14 May 2009, 18:17

I can't get no acces to download the update, everytime
a message shows up that i need to fill in my serialnumber while it's just registered in my profile? It's a serial number of the DVS pro 7 edition,, anybody know what to do?
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Re: OFFICIAL UPDATE - MixVibes 7.21

Postby MajorMarcel on 15 May 2009, 13:42

where has the search button gone ????
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