No downloads are working?

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No downloads are working?

Postby Jimuro on 07 Mar 2021, 09:16

I've tried with my Macbook, my new PC and my old laptop

No downloads are working atm, you can't download the free version, or the DEMO...

Would love some help on this?
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Re: No downloads are working?

Postby RoJeC on 07 Mar 2021, 11:49

some links have been reported dead.
If you use the entry via 'downloads' in the right column you likely are abele to access the wanted downolads.


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Apple store new user? first read viewtopic.php?f=259&t=34199
Manual alternative link: ?
Audio dropouts? Increase audio 'buffer size' value.
FAQ iOS / Android / PC / MAC
Soundcard not available/working? Try the 32bit version of Cross (is also installed).
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Re: No downloads are working?

Postby StephenRogers on 10 Mar 2021, 10:03

Thanks for the information.Solved my problem with downloads.
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