Starlight - weird knob/fader glitch

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Starlight - weird knob/fader glitch

Postby DIISCMX on 09 Oct 2019, 21:07


ok, I'm not freaking out here.. it's the MIDI map?

in this gif..
I quickly slide crosfader side to side 5 times, works without a problem so the ranges are set correctly i guess?

than I move the crossfader SLOWLY from deck B to A.. see what happens? It looks like it blurts out values all over the place...

and then use the volume knob, to turn channel volumne up and down slowly, same thing...

I have this happening with all sliders and knobs
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Re: Starlight - weird knob/fader glitch

Postby RoJeC on 09 Oct 2019, 22:14

If it were for use of keyboard I would say you have to use smaller values.
Not really sure but might have to do with enabling/disabling 14 bit option in midei tab of preferences.

BTW you could PM FigDJ if you like. He's the most knowledgeable in this subject.


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