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Re: Autoplay Feature

Postby Hanginon on 19 Jan 2017, 23:30

RoJeC wrote: Originally implemented to allow unattended radio broadcasts with smooth transitions.

Well, the next time I have to do a bathroom break/deal with a customer/takes longer than I thought to find a song/do a little MC'ing/or the millions of other things a Mobile DJ deals with, and I have to spontaneously engage Autoplay, I'll explain that the reason the song switched like that is because I'm using a software feature that was originally for unattended radio broadcasts. No problem.

Or, we could pretend it's 2017 and have the Autoplay choices A,B,Next
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Re: Autoplay Feature

Postby daniel clark on 20 Jan 2017, 00:15

:cool: if you look at rojec posting replies ,,he stated that hes in favor for a better implemtation of auto play..this request and others has been on going for years ,,since version 1.25..on the inseption of Cross ,the devoplement was in stages and consideration for keeping it simple and DJ compatiable,,not saying it will not come about ,
due to my usage its not a great concern ,, but 100% understand where you are at with this,this area of improvement as well as a few others ie effects and wave form ,,are top of the list from users suggestion ,,not sure where there at on the dev teams concerns ,the most postive thing that can be done is clearly express you thoughts on changes you would like,to add to the ongoing suggestions to mixvibes dev team,
my work around is that i use a tablet with Cross DJ and uses the auto plat feature and mix/fade it in /out as needed..or just cue in a pre recorded set to fill the time needed :cool: not saying this is best but get it done the few times nessary :cool:
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Re: Autoplay Feature

Postby Hanginon on 20 Jan 2017, 03:38

daniel clark wrote:not sure where there at on the dev teams concerns

Thank you, daniel clark. IMHO, may I then suggest putting someone on the dev team on a controller, DJ'ing and MC'ing a high-profile wedding. This "broken feature" will get fixed real quick!
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Re: Autoplay Feature

Postby Hanginon on 19 Mar 2017, 18:57

Time for a Bump. It's been some time since the last update, so I think it's appropriate to keep this alive. The "Powers That Be" have got to fix this - please modify Autoplay so it doesn't immediately transition when enabled.

Moderator - you have a problem with this, please use your "voice" and have them do something about this. It's 2017 for goodness sakes!!!!!
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