Remixlive 1.1: new update!

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Remixlive 1.1: new update!

Postby Team@Mixvibes on 12 May 2016, 19:44

Hello all,

As you may have guessed from the title, there's a new update to Remixlive available on the App Store. Here's the announcement video for it:
phpBB [video]

In it you'll see a quick overview of some of the new features, which include among others Audiobus Input as well as Inter-App Audio compatibility.

However this is only the beginning, there are more features coming, and we plan on having a steady stream of new sample packs to keep things fresh, so stay tuned for more!

Don't hesitate to post your comments on the app or any feature requests that you might have below...

For support requests, you can check out the FAQ and reach our support staff at this page.
Thank You!
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Re: Remixlive 1.1: new update!

Postby guitarplaya608 on 14 May 2016, 05:56

Is it possible now (or in the near future) that Remixlive will support launchpad-style hardware controllers with an iPad camera connection kit? I know of a couple pad-style apps that are currently supporting this with class compliant pad controllers.
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