Software Layers and MIDI out: AKAI AFX

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Software Layers and MIDI out: AKAI AFX

Postby ashp on 30 Mar 2020, 18:45

Dear Mixvibes,

I'm trying to map AKAI AFX like VirtualDJ or Serato native but unable to do so as it requires some software scripting in order to support double press and latching modes and LED out for these buttons this affects the DECK selection and MODE selection buttons rest is doable

would it be possible to have some extended mapping possiblities to implement these button functions in software via script or utility mapping, a second press of the DECK for MODE button will latch a second layer with LED out for the MODE indicator e.g. CUES button starts flashing and pads change color and respond to different commands. another press of cues makes it normal again. same for the deck controls, rest of the controller is mappable after this

Kind Regards,
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Re: Software Layers and MIDI out: AKAI AFX

Postby FigDJ on 31 Mar 2020, 16:52

You need to use a combination of the command you are using and a
mod(shiftlogic) or od(ShiftSelector)

You can create up to 9 different layers for a controller.
Potentioally every button can have up to 9 different function depending on what layer you are using.
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