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Re: Mapped Controllers

PostPosted: 01 Apr 2019, 13:15
by dnine
Hi FigDJ,

Care to send them all over as learning material?
I'm currently mapping other controllers but as there is hardly any documentation, I'm looking at as much examples as possible (not the simple thing you can program using the MIDI learn module, but rather MIDI output, use of ShiftSelector etc...)

Have you though about publicly making these available, e.g. on Github?
I've started something similar for the Pioneer DJM-T1 and the Behringer CMD series. It's still a work in progress though...

Re: Mapped Controllers

PostPosted: 13 Sep 2019, 17:40
by Dj Nico
FigDJ wrote:Next controller to be mapped is the DDJ-SR2

Yes PLEASE. Where can I get the file for Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2? :mrgreen:

Re: Mapped Controllers

PostPosted: 13 Sep 2019, 18:07
by Dj Nico
FigDJ wrote:There doesn't seem to be much activity in the forum and I get the impression that Cross/Cross DJ is now abandon-ware and therefore dead.

However, there may some that still care so if you need the MIDI map for the DDJ-SR2 PM me and will share it.

Hi FigDj, I sent you a PM requesting the MIDI mapping for Pioneer DDJ SR2 for Mixvibes Cross Pro V4.0.1
Its not listed on the mixvibes website...

Great job creating all the mappings. Us DJ's really appreciate it. :mrgreen:

Re: Mapped Controllers

PostPosted: 18 Oct 2019, 23:31
by dj percho
hello how could you help me with the mapping of Pioneer ddj sp1. Thank you

Re: Mapped Controllers

PostPosted: 16 Apr 2020, 15:55
by Dj Nico
Im busy mapping Cross DJ Pro 4.2 to work with my Pioneer DDJ SR2 and have had great success with it. Im almost done and cant wait to get rid of Serato. If any mixvibes users out there have done this, maybe we can share some ideas.

Some issues i need help or advice on:
1. The sampler volume output shows visually on the UI and mixer channel leds, but it doent have any audio output?? Ive mapped both sampler 1 and sampler 2 master volume to the one sampler knob.

2. The FX works perfect on channel 1 and 2, but i can get channel 3 and 4 to work properly. (Independent from channel 1 and 2 respectively). I dont really use 4 channels, so its just a nice to have for me. Can one use FX on Channel 1 and 3 independently, at the same time?

3. Is there a way to map the lights for all the controls. Especially the pads. Some buttons work fine, but not all. Id like to set the pad colors to the cue point colors.

4. Some FX on/off leds come on at random when i press the shift key to perform a non FX related function.

5. The sync buttons work, but the LEDs don’t come on.

6. The track time +|- works in the UI using the mouse, but i cant map it with the controller or the keyboard. This worked in Cross 3, but not Cross 4.

I would appreciate any feedback.
Im familiar with the .mappings file and make some manual edits for some controls, but there is no documentation on this file.