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Pioneer ddj sb

PostPosted: 21 Jun 2017, 14:34
by magneteule
Hey guys,
I just purchased a Pioneer ddj sb and now i am wondering why it wont work nicely with my Cross DJ for android.
When connected directly via otg to my nexus, Cross DJ finds the ddj. But when conncting it to a powered usb Hub and going that way to my tablet it wont work.
Theres a Video out which shows that this gonna work. And my second Problem: i can not precue with headphones plugged in the ddj. Anyone Could help please?

Re: Pioneer ddj sb

PostPosted: 21 Jun 2017, 15:02
by RoJeC
If you use the powered hub as a charger, does this work? Preferably try with a different device than your nexus, just to avoid other issues.

Which android version do you have?

Is it a USB 3 or 2 hub? If 3, you may want to check specs if usb1.x is supported as many older type controllers are actually 1.x (even newer ones can be).

Further check the FAQ (link in my signature) for both MIDI as external audio.