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MIDI implementation (urgent) for RemixLive

PostPosted: 03 Nov 2016, 02:40
by rafaeldk

I've just registered to give this feedback. After already beeing in touch via e-mail with the dev team, I came here to formalize this request.

First, my thoughts: let's face it... RemixLive is almost a copy of LaunchpadAPP. The only implementation is the sample lab/record - wich is great. For me, the FX tab doesn't work smooth as Launchpad APP either. But all the rest - clip matrix, fx, mixer, even free app with fundamentals in app purchases - are pretty close.

So, my point with this intor, why the hell it was not already released with MIDI implementantion? Note that I'm not even talking about a MIDI LEARN button... I'm talking about MIDI notes for the clips, CCs for the mixer and FX, Channel MIDI options... For me that's already great and ESSEENTIAL for pro live performance (my objective).

To finish my suggestion/Feedback, I need to say that I've got to the RemixLive 'cause I've changed my controller from a Launchkey49 to a MPK249. Novation/Blocs made a script to make the hardware compatible with the app, meaning that, although you can app though Novation hardware, it doesn't work via MIDI. I've already talked to them about it, but they doesn't seem to be interested in the pro market of iOS.

Btw (now actually finishing), I've to say the better things of Remixlive either: it allow me to import files with 24bits and all sample rates, while Launchpad only allows me 16bits (see how thry treat it as a toy?).

I also share 2 topics of AudiobusForum I'd participated about this subject. I believe would be a great deal to MixVibes invest on this because (as you'll see on the topics) a lot of people seek for a Audio Clip Launcher with MIDI Implementation and there's NO ONE with this characteristics. ... ignment/p1 ... ntation/p1

That's all, folks.
r. David

Re: MIDI implementation (urgent) for RemixLive

PostPosted: 03 Nov 2016, 03:21
by daniel clark
:cool: thanks for the feed back ,,remix seems to be filling a nich ,,glad for mixvibes ,,dont use it myself ,,long in the tooth for new endevors ,,but suggestions postive like this should get mixvibes attention ,hopefully there plans and your suggestions will meet some where to the satification of the users of this app. welcome to this fourm , :cool: