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USE ON CHROMEBOOK (2021 question)

PostPosted: 03 May 2021, 01:11
by DjRoo52
According to the very limited support I've been able to find, The U-Mix Control Pro should work with Cross DJ Pro app on my CHROMEBOOK. At this point, It's not and I simply cannot find any information on proper setup or functionality that would get this functioning properly. Can someone please point me in the right direction? Thank you...

Re: USE ON CHROMEBOOK (2021 question)

PostPosted: 03 May 2021, 01:47
by RoJeC
Don't think using this app at a chromebook is recommended or suggested. But I might be wrong. For sure you're the first mentioning it in the forum.

AS there is an additional layer to run android there may be a little more delay in responiveness.
The U-Mix Control Pro is a pretty old design. This means it uses USB 1.1 and requires sufficient power. Maybe if you use a powered USB2.0 hub the MIDI device can be recoqnized.
Maybe the MIDI commands cannot be handled by the Android layer.

Please let's know if this helps or if you would like some more detailed info.

Re: USE ON CHROMEBOOK (2021 question)

PostPosted: 03 May 2021, 02:39
by DjRoo52
RoJeC wrote:Please let's know if this helps or if you would like some more detailed info.

According to MIXVIBES support page on Facebook, when asked what controllers could be used with Chromebook, this was their reply....

"...there are 6 controllers compatible with Cross DJ on Chromebook:
– MixVibes U-Mix Control
– MixVibes U-Mix Control 2
– MixVibes U-Mix Control Pro
– MixVibes U-Mix Control Pro 2
– Pioneer DDJ SB
– Pioneer Wego 2"

THAT was the last information I've been able to get from MixVibes on April 19th. We were able to get a MixVibes U-Mix Control Pro, and it seems to be getting power from the USB, but the app is not recognizing it. I am getting a powered USB hub and USB OTG as well to arrive on Tuesday....

Now just because SUPPORT says it works with Chromebook, we've not been able to find other users doing the same.

Re: USE ON CHROMEBOOK (2021 question)

PostPosted: 03 May 2021, 11:19
by RoJeC
OK; thanks for the source. Don't have FB so don't really follow that coms.

If it doesn't work after you have the Hub I would suggest to ask support via FB. The devteam is more active there. This forum is kept alive by (experienced) users so not always knowledgeable on recent developments. One of the experiences is that when mixvibes tells something works that they really mean it to work and have tested it to work. But having the world try it out may result in having to fix issues not present in every enviroment.

My suggestions are based on general experience ..

Modern devices don't always provide sufficient power to the U-Mix Control Pro for the simple reason that appx 15/20 yrs ago devices weren'tas energy efficient. You can see that the U-Mix Control Pro also has a power input for this reason. Nowadays powered USB are the workaround for this.

I would think the OTG is not necesary in your setup. as your chromeboook has 'normal' USB ports whereas tabs/phones require it for the wiring difference.

Cross will use the MIDI that is present by checking the 'list' in the OS at startup of the app. If just adding the hub is not sufficient you may want to try a full reboot of the chromebook while device connected. This would be to try if the Android layer is actiing similar (so only check at startup).
IF still not present: in the Cross app is (at least used to be) a button in settings to check for a MIDI device.

Hope this provides some background for you.
Would you please let's know the result?