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Cannot reinstall Cross DJ Pro onto Samsung S7+ - Android 11

PostPosted: 25 Feb 2021, 21:57
by Bingybongy99
Hello. I was running Cross DJ Pro successfully on my Samsung S7+ tablet for around 4 months. Then last week, audio stopped being outputted from the device, despite tracks being uploaded and ready to go on each deck. I tried around 30 or so different tracks. I uninstalled, and now despite many attempts I cannot get the app to install via the playstore. I have 40gb space spare, and every other app I try to install does so without issue. The speakers on my tablet are fine. I have tried many soft resets of the device, but I'm reluctant to perform a factory reset. Can anyone please help???? :) ..the app is so amazing on that device, and latency is the best I have ever experienced. I still have the app working on my Samsung S10 Mobile, but it's not the same!