The Cross DJ app is detecting BPM not Working

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The Cross DJ app is detecting BPM not Working

Postby Fernando da costa on 24 Nov 2020, 20:12

App Cross DJ is not working on the bpm on these music costume using. This music is for Shavonne's "So Tell me Tell me" last bpm is not working for this music. Please, help me for fix this music not work on bpm detector system.
Fernando da costa
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Re: The Cross DJ app is detecting BPM not Working

Postby schuman on 25 Dec 2020, 09:01

It depends on whether you have enabled the key lock [color=#FFFFF]2 player games[/color]
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Re: The Cross DJ app is detecting BPM not Working

Postby RoJeC on 25 Dec 2020, 09:52

key lock has nothing to do with BPM detection. This feature applies to playback key when pitch is changed.

The BPM detection is an algorithm that tries to set a beatgrid for the whole track. However some tracks are not following a fixed (EDM) rhythem (beat/cycle/bar). Especially live music, music with 'silence breaks' or with varying BPM are off.

For these tracks you have to set manually.
If the algorythm would provide more flexible beatgrid this would lead to many other consequences in e.g. syncing and tempo usage.

It's a bit general answer to your question. In the end the skills of the DJ are needed to blend the creative work of artists/producers into a great set. And an algorythm can make it easier to get familiar with tracks key elements. But it can't beat the ear of a DJ.


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