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Re: Remixlive 6 crash

PostPosted: 28 Dec 2020, 19:40
by JerBae
Hi guys, OK I had to delete the app from my iPads and iPhone, and reinstall it from its last version 6.0.5 and it works. I could successfully launch the app on all of my devices and then restore purchased features and packs. It could have worked from an earlier version maybe, if deleted and reinstalled, I cannot tell...

Well done MIXVIBES team, the 6.0.x release of Remixlive seems of a good quality, providing great new features, and working with my Novation Launchpad controller, even if the app said a "probable incompatibility and send request to support" message.

Thanks and keep up that excellent work. Why? Mainly because I found really better Techno / Acid / Deep packs than Ampify released.

Re: Remixlive 6 crash

PostPosted: 09 Jan 2021, 13:32
by Robertus
Version 6.0.6 when updating, same issue.

But: delete your version from iPad.
Reinstall, now Ok. :)