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U-Mix Control Pro requires "too much power" from iPad/iPhone

PostPosted: 20 Dec 2019, 06:36
by lensenater
Can't get my U-Mix Control Pro to work with Cross on iOS. (Works fine on my laptop.)

When I plug in to either iPad or iPhone, I get an error "cannot use device, requires too much power"... except the U-Mix is being powered by an external 6V DC adapter, not USB!

Keep sinking $ into this — 2 camera adapters, DC power adapter, Cross iOS app — on the premise that U-Mix controllers are the ones that are supposed to be compatible with Cross on iOS.

One of the camera adapters has an extra thunderbolt port to support charging iPhone while in use, but the extra power this provides does not alleviate the issue.

Please advise... really keen to get a controller + iOS device setup working with Cross DJ.

Re: U-Mix Control Pro requires "too much power" from iPad/iP

PostPosted: 20 Dec 2019, 12:35
by RoJeC
What is the power output of your ps? SHould be 1.5A minimum according to the manual.

Not using iOS device myself so can't provide more details. Likely others have got it to run this way in the over 5 years this setup is possible.

Re: U-Mix Control Pro requires "too much power" from iPad/iP

PostPosted: 22 Dec 2019, 06:47
by lensenater
Power adapter is rated 24W/6V/2A. Really don't understand U-Mix would be drawing power at all from the iOS device when plugged in/set to draw power from the adapter (there is a switch specifically to tell it where to get power from).

I will try a powered USB hub next (yet another $25 on top of at least $50 so far trying to get this to work). I wasn't having much luck with my regular USB hub (ie.iOS didn't seem to see the controller at all - wasn't even getting the error message).

Re: U-Mix Control Pro requires "too much power" from iPad/iP

PostPosted: 23 Dec 2019, 16:14
by lensenater
SOLVED: using a powered USB Hub.
(note: smaller mini controllers e.g. Hercules DJControl Compact/Numark DJ2GO, do not require powered hub and can be plugged into iPad directly)

Noticing some glitchy behaviour in Cross DJ Pro iOS tho: eg.
• sync button on controller does not map to sync feature in software; does nothing
• browser knob enters file browsing window, but after loading a track onto a deck it does not return to the main screen. No way (that I can tell) to get out of the file browser & back to the decks via the controller; have to do it manually via iPad UI; also no way to navigate up/down directories within playlists

Could some of this be addressed via editing the controller MIDI Map? Can anyone provide any resources on how to do this for Cross iOS?

Re: U-Mix Control Pro requires "too much power" from iPad/iP

PostPosted: 24 Dec 2019, 04:17
by RoJeC
Great you got it fixed. Still strange the issue occured.

However in all circumstances is using a powered hub recommended as ths is the only way to run long period with your device. Both the app as a controller use quite some power. So even when starting fully charged you can end up with empty battery during a longer gig, let alone in circumstances where you appear to have to start with an empty device.

The U-Mix Control Pro is a bit older design. This causes the hardware to use some more power than more current hardware.

AS I don't have the hardware I can't test it, but pretty sure it is supposed that pushing the browse button should move focus.