Cross DJ iPad & bluetooth speaker

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Cross DJ iPad & bluetooth speaker

Postby Len Senater on 28 Dec 2016, 16:30


I've been both experimenting and searching the forums, but cannot seem to figure out how to do something that would seem relatively simple.

When using the CrossDJ iPad app (v3.2 on iOS 9.3.5), i'd like cue upcoming songs using headphones plugged into the jack, and play the master channel through a bluetooth speaker.

Can't seem to route things this way, even though it seems like the one of the most practical setups

Can get it working with a headphone jack splitter and cables plugged into the speaker, but not only is this messy it also seems to be in mono.

Please advise.

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Len Senater
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Re: Cross DJ iPad & bluetooth speaker

Postby RoJeC on 28 Dec 2016, 16:41

You can only use one output(component). Limitation of iOS.

You can use a DJ-splitter. A normal splitter splits from one stereo into 2 stereo. A DJ splitter splits stereo into 2 mono and next duplicates the mono in each output plug so it ends with 2 mono channels per output. By this you can cue as Cross can control the L/R channels.


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