iOS Cross DJ PRo - wont cue to the start of a file

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iOS Cross DJ PRo - wont cue to the start of a file

Postby foggyhollow on 22 Jul 2016, 11:15

I have recently bought Cross DJ Pro and installed it on my iPad. When I load an MP3 into the app, it cues about a second after the beginning of the file. Why is that?

Why wont it cue to the beginning of the song? I'm a radio DJ and it's very frustrating that I can't just load a song and have it cue up properly.

Or how do I load a file so that I dont have to do all this:

a} load the song
b] ensure the volume is turned right down to zero
c] roll the song back the second or so to the beginning of the song
d} ensure the volume is turned back up again

If i'm talking on air at the time I'm doing this, it's pretty difficult for my simple brain to cope with all at once.

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Re: iOS Cross DJ PRo - wont cue to the start of a file

Postby RoJeC on 22 Jul 2016, 12:02

The initial Cue after analyses is set at the first downbeat.

If you want it at T=0 you have to manualy do this. Move wave to 0 and press Cue (while not playing). The Cue is saved with the track.

All kinds of user definable settings and algorithms have been in the software (PC/mac) over time (20years). All with there pro's and con's.

The current is pretty straight forward. But like any algorithm won't fit all. Even with a t=0 setting you will have to work on it... for all those tracks you don't want to start at t=0, e.g. because of intro silence.


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