Simple Efficient Clean GUI, fast cpu processing

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Simple Efficient Clean GUI, fast cpu processing

Postby soundboyrich on 30 Dec 2019, 23:11

I find all the software out there today for DJ too controller centered on computer selecting and mixing music, even going fully automated, but with terrible results. I don't use certain software because those DJ software write mp3 Tag info to the mp3 music file, creating hovac when I'm choosing what DJ software to use.

I would like to have a reissue of the MixVibes Pro from late 2000 years. I still use MixVibes Pro version 6.394 to do my gigs. I gone through Cross, Serato, Traktor, Mixxx. All have there problems, but none good enough to make me transition my setup. I understand Pioneer has RecordBox (based off of Cross my guess).

As more and more features and buttons are added the Cross software is slower and response time becomes jittery, even with the latest cpu hardware.

This version I kept before DVS went controller nuts

I don't need a bunch of pretty colors scrolling. Key mixing never.
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Re: Simple Efficient Clean GUI, fast cpu processing

Postby Hanginon on 31 Dec 2019, 04:55

soundboyrich wrote:As more and more features and buttons are added the Cross software is slower and response time becomes jittery, even with the latest cpu hardware.

Absolutely! IMHO, they really screwed the pooch with V4, which is why many of us continue to use V3.4.3. However, moving all the way back to Mixvibes Pro 6.394 seems like overkill. Personally, I find scrolling colored waveforms a great aid when doing seat-of-the-pants impromptu mixing.

It looks like a whopping 32 V4 licenses were sold/downloaded with the December sales. IMHO, unless they start addressing V4's issues (and cpu overload with jittery waveforms is a major one), the future is bleak for PC/Mac Cross users. What's even worse is the total lack of Mixvibes participation on this Board (except for the Mods, who really have nothing to do with the software)!
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Re: Simple Efficient Clean GUI, fast cpu processing

Postby RoJeC on 31 Dec 2019, 11:37

Indeed mods have little influence on changes. And with current setup of support via mail it has become harder to help any user as little to no info is provided on common issues.

I also abandoned v4 for the older 343 version. somewhat for CPU, but merely because of features that are taken out/forgotten/messed up.

For me the font in the GUI is total messy. Fortunately I manged to replace the font to arial so it has become a little better to read.
Also contrast(/colors) is lousy. I did manage to go through the code and modify some color but as this is to unsure if useable over versions did not really finish.
Several buttons have disappeared without explanation (e.g. vinyl/line; selectors for crossfader per deck*)
Idiotic change off 1 object for locators1-4/5-8/grid/seek-loop... insane
Using a Play icon button for Autoplay.. really confusing.
Preview position not saved in between sessions (history repeats itself)
Preview on/off icon hardly differ. For sure don't attract attention.
dblclk in autoplay loads a track instantly. Not sure if I'm the only one but I use autoplay frequently for collection maintenance and only want to be able to edit with dblclk. For sure not mess up a autoplay session with starting a different track.

And for the positive:
finally the autoplay fade time is back in the GUI
Unloading a track no longer only a key/MIDI command

The only reason I can come up with for this type of changes is that had to make a decision for a new GUI tool that appeared to not be able to do the job. Maybe in combination with developers that haven't noticed all features present.

* While typing this I found out that only in 4 deck mode there popsup a change in design by allowing for assigning CF behaviour per deck.


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