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Suggestions for Cross DJ 4

PostPosted: 29 Aug 2019, 14:47
by filmars
Hello all, and congratulations for the new Cross DJ 4.0.0 !

as a long time user of Cross DJ 3, here is two suggestions (so far) :

- the new font is not very readable in dark environnement and small 15' screen, I have seen that you can change the size in the options, but it only affect the library (titles), and not the left and right part of the library. please think about people who are +45 years old :-)

- the idea of using a combo box for changing from hotcue, hotcue2, seek/loop, grid and torque is quite weird and unuseful. could you consider displays them all the time ? like in Cross 3 ? in particular, I think the Seek buttons should appear alongside the Hotcue buttons, because they are all related to play position

thanks !

(User of the Mac App Store Version)

Re: Suggestions for Cross DJ 4

PostPosted: 30 Aug 2019, 08:53
by RoJeC
Thanks for the feedback. Might be good to know you're not the only one with these suggestions.

Good thing is that the GUI can be maintained by using Maquillage.
Unfortunatly the devteam hasn't provide any info on the how yet...

A simple trick for the font is to replace it with Arial. Make a copy of the skin. At the selected ocation you find some fonts defined.
What I did (Windows) is replace these font files with Arial ttf's. And changing the names of the arials to match the used ones exactly.

These make clearer fonts in the GUI. However the contrast in the GUI indeed is way to little.