12" Timecode Vinyl Back In Stock!

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Re: 12" Timecode Vinyl Back In Stock!

Postby namarang on 01 Feb 2021, 22:39

These are by far the best control vinyls that i have used in a while .They are compatible with most turntables and software.

User friendly and really high quality sound output ,even when you are using not so high quality cartridge .

I can import my tracks at a party and any event without worrying about skipping record. The only downside is ,they are incompatible with Pioneer rekordbox and some of the latest Traktor mixers.

As a stand alone product ,very high quality and durable.
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Re: 12" Timecode Vinyl Back In Stock!

Postby RoJeC on 26 Apr 2021, 20:11

All Cross bundles have been delivered with v2 only.


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Re: 12" Timecode Vinyl Back In Stock!

Postby DJMaraScott on 01 May 2021, 20:20

are the vinyl still available? can someone please verify, and post the link?. thank you
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