Is it possible to use hot cue with slip mode?

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Is it possible to use hot cue with slip mode?

Postby OKAndrew on 22 May 2019, 07:19

Hello there,

This question has been in my mind for a while: Do anyone know if the slip mode works with hot cueing?

I found the "SLIP" button will start blinking after cueing a hot cue point in slip mode, just like when triggering a loop or auto-loop in slip mode. But so far I can't find any a button or MIDI mapping control option can trigger the slip action.

Below is what I've tried:
After cueing a hot cue in SLIP mode,
1) right-click or left-click on the blinking SLIP button, but this will only turned the SLIP mode off.
2) map a MIDI controller button to "Locator control" for triggering hot cue and set it as a "holder button", hopping the MIDI note-off signal will trigger the "SLIP action" like a button mapped tp auto-loop button will do, but not working either.
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