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Use of Pattern in PC-Version Remixlive

PostPosted: 26 Feb 2018, 17:52
by TitanEye
Hello Mixvibes,

I am new to Remixlive and started on Android, which is a big fun for me.
Bought a Akai Mini-controller and the PC-Version to make my new hobby more professionel.

Where is the pattern-function)? Its not in the place where I use to find it on Android or like on the pictures of the iOS version?
Also I am missing the Keys to select drums/loops.
Must say, that the Pc-Version does not feel that smooth as the Android-Version. (Using a touchscreen-laptop for pc-version)
Please Help!

( Is there a chance to run a midikeyboard with the loaded samples to play a melody?)

Sorry for this beginner-questions, but without manual ...

Re: Use of Pattern in PC-Version Remixlive

PostPosted: 09 Apr 2018, 03:17
by Team@Mixvibes
Hello TitanEye,

Very sorry for the delay in my response! Right now there is no finger drumming or sequencing in the PC version of Remixlive.

I will bring this up with the team to see if there are plans to expand the features of the PC/Mac version to better match the mobile ones.

Thank you for your patience!

Adam @Mixvibes