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Tutorial: Remixlive for iOS File app sample import

PostPosted: 13 Dec 2017, 23:02
by HawnSolo
Hi everyone!

I have recently discovered a way to import multiple samples at one time in Remixlive for iOS using the new Files app. I didn’t see this in the newer demo video from Mixvibes so thought I would share for other users.

It fixes a major issue I had with Remixlive, in that you had to select each sample individually before importing using the built in importing feature.

First open Remixlive and open your user sample library. It shouldn’t matter what pack you have loaded since we are importing the samples and not loading them directly onto the pads.

Then bring up the Files app and browse to the folder that has the samples you want to import. Select All samples and then press and hold on a file to be able to drag the files into Remixlive.

Then without releasing the samples tap anywhere in Remixlive to hide the Files app. Drag and release your samples in the user sample library and it will bring up the import page for confirmation.

I’m sure others might find this useful, since I was just able to import 300+ one shots much faster then importing through Remixlive. I haven’t tested on my iPhone yet but think it could work, minus the multitasking features only on iPad.