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Music formats supported in Cross DJ 4?

PostPosted: 17 Nov 2020, 10:41
by kl1172
Which formats are supported in Cross DJ 4 (for Windows)? The same ones as in Cross DJ 3? I really like the formats supported on Cross DJ 3 because I'm using iTunes, but have things changed for Cross DJ 4 in this department? I'm using Aiff, Alac, aac, mp3, wav (a pletora of formats because of years and years of collecting and ripping and trying).

I have a library of +/- 20.000 songs and yes, i need them at all times. Cross DJ 3 handles it quite amazingly I might add as well as the analyzing of such a library which felt like a breeze compared to Pioneer who just crashed and burned on my collection while in the forums they said it should be able to work with the formats I use.
Can Cross DJ 4 handle such a library?

So, Cross DJ 4, is it on par with it's older brother in this department and is there a list available of supported music formats?

Re: Music formats supported in Cross DJ 4?

PostPosted: 18 Nov 2020, 00:37
by RoJeC
You can give the Cross Demo version a try to see if it works for your formats. I think you use the common types which are supported. And a 20k collection is not that large.
Basically if you need your collection to repond faster you have to kick out tracks. As long as the respons is OK you can have it grow.