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android and MIX2GOPRO

PostPosted: 22 Oct 2020, 06:54
by Fascin8
Hello. I just bought the MIX2GOPRO off Ebay and I use an android S9 edge. The Bluetooth will connect but the usb will not connect! So I basically have an overpriced Bluetooth speaker! The decks are completely unusable! Please somebody help! I bought the $8.99 app and even sprung for the rockford fosgate speakers I was going to install as an upgrade to the crap speakers! I cannot believe GEMINI would produce a product that is not compatible with android as it has an android option! CAN ANYONE HELP Im out about $300 at this point!
Gemini was the first turntable I bought when I was 17 and should have known from that experience, but everyone deserves a second chance so 20 years later I am trying this. If this is not able to work properly I will never buy GEMINI products ever again and will be proactive to diss on them.

Re: android and MIX2GOPRO

PostPosted: 23 Oct 2020, 14:17
by ldorio
If you had only done the tiniest bit of research...

I'm playing a small violin for you here.