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Problema U-Mix Control 2

Postby demijacopo on 21 Aug 2013, 02:27

Scusate, premetto che sono alle primissime armi (ho comprato da due giorni il mio primo controller).
Non riesco ad utilizzare l'uscita delle cuffie del PC come preascolto, non riesco a capire quali impostazioni devo utilizzare! mi sapreste dare una mano :?: :?:
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MixVibes Cross & Cross DJ 3.x

Postby cioce on 16 Jan 2014, 14:06

Disponibili gli aggiornamenti sempre gratuiti di Cross & Cross DJ 3.0.0, e per la gioia dei videomixatori ora il plugin video è integrato, quindi è come se fosse diventato gratuito! :) :) :)

Download -> downloads.php

Dear friends and Cross DJ users,
We are proud to announce the latest version of Cross, Cross 3.0.0.

Video is a fantastic way to make a DJ set more exciting. Cross 3 can be used to simply playback video clips or go more experimental. DJs can choose their level of complexity, take control of the video mixing or let the software do it automatically ­ so that it follows the music.
● 2 full­featured audio/video players
● Large video output bar
● Mixer and effects can control only video, only audio or both at the same time
● HD external output from the computer’s display port
● 35 video transitions and 18 video effects
● Video output recording

Cross allows you to put up a proper show with synced visuals... with the flexibility of live selection that DJs love. It’s easy: prepare a few video clips, and play them on top of all your tracks.
● Load audio and video separately
● Sync the BPM of the video to the audio
● Save audio/video combos in one click

For the first time in a DJ software, Cross gives you two 4­pad video samplers:
● Easily add VJ loops to your mix
● Hot video sampling: sample any part of the video playing in the deck
● Edit video content straight into Cross with the sampler: no need for third party software
● Save your video sample banks
Put your own content in Cross & record your set NEW
● Live webcam input: display live footage from the party
● Titler: add text or images to the output
● Record video mixes

Cross 3 introduces the long awaited Frequency colored waveform feature. We’ve redesigned the waveform to display low, mid and high frequencies. The track’s structure and energy becomes much more understandable. It’s like seeing inside the sound.

New EQs and Apple Lossless + WMA support NEW
● New EQ preset, modeled on the classic DJM series: turn your controller into a club standard mixer
● Support for Apple Lossless & WMA formats
Cross, a more attractive package than ever
● Advanced video playback and video sampling
● Rekordbox sync: allows every DJs to use his Cross collection on club standard CDJs
● Open product: works with any hardware and any software

Here is a summary of the main new features you will find in this new update:
- Add a whole bunch of new built-in Video features:
-- You now benefit from our full video feature set, for free. You are welcome!
-- You can now use up to 8 video samples, and even hot-sample videos.
-- We added a video titler that can handle pictures or text. Say hello to your audience!
-- Make your shows even more live using video cameras.
-- More: new video previews layout, Audio/Video couples save and sync, crossfader routing, master brightness, new FXs and new transitions.
- Add frequency colored waveforms (check available presets in preferences).
- Add Apple Lossless (ALAC) and WMA audio files support.
- Integrate new EQs based on Pioneer DJM-2000 mixer.
- Provide a brand new redesigned toolbar and many other graphical enhancements.
- Add handy auto-crossfade controls directly into the mixer.
- Add OSX 10.9 and Windows 8.1 compatibility.

- Update application icons.
- Improve audio signal drawing in waveform, peak and beatmatcher views.
- Add "Rename" to playlists, samplebanks and history entries context menu.
- Add "Analyze" to playlists context menu.

Updated MIDI Mappings
- Pioneer DDJ-SX, audio and video.
- Behringer CMD Studio 4A.
- Denon DN-MC3000.
- Denon DN-MC6000.
- Numark 4TRACK.

Bug Fixes
- Resolve an unexpected shutdown at launch with Denon MIDI controllers.
- Resolve a rare issue where audio remained muted when coming back from sleep mode on OSX 10.9.
- Correctly display waveform in 4th player when collection is expanded.
- Repair SyncMeter display while autoplaying tracks.
- Correctly save Nodedock modifications accross sessions.
- Repair rekordbox sync feature, failing when exporting beatgrids of loaded tracks.
- Repair HID devices display for tracks durations over 60 min.
- Resolve a rare freeze of the application when changing audio samplerate on OSX 10.9.
- Resolve an unexpected shutdown while analysing corrupted audio files.
- Maintain playlists/folders order between Cross & rekordbox.
- Jump back to Cue point after reloading the same track.
- Improve video support on Windows Vista and OSX 10.9.
- Enable monitor hot-plug for video usage on windows.
- Enhance vob/mpeg2 video playback.
- Improve MP4 tag support.

+ many other enhancements, bug and stability fixes.

Musically yours,
Your MixVibes Team.

[TIPS] Suggerimenti e Soluzioni ai problemi comuni -> viewtopic.php?f=275&t=19134
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MixVibes CrossDJ 3 Free

Postby cioce on 16 Jan 2014, 14:06

MixVibes CrossDJ Free per PC e MAC


Con la versione FREE non potrete utilizzare alcun controller e non potrete avere il preascolto in cuffia ma potrete utilizzare le applicazione REMOTE per iPad http://iTunes.Apple.com/app/u-mix-remot ... 64537?mt=8 e la nuova per iPod e iPhone http://iTunes.Apple.com/us/app/crossdj- ... 24636?mt=8

✔ 2 High Precision Media Players
✔ Multiple audio Formats supported: MP3, AAC, ALAC, iLBC, IMA4
✔ CUE Point trigger
✔ 3-band equalizers
✔ Multiple pitch range (4%, 6%, 8%, 16%, 32%, 100%)
✔ Master Tempo, Hybrid or Speed modes
✔ Rapid and high precision track analysis

With CrossDJ Free it's easy to find and prepare your audio media, this allows you to keep focus on the dance floor.
✔ iTunes integration
✔ Album browser for visual search
✔ User definable smart lists with dynamic update whenever you add matching songs
✔ "Prepare" tab to organize and prepare your set
✔ Flag your tracks with color labels and find them back within seconds
✔ History node to keep record of all your played tracks/sessions
✔ Advanced ‘info’ tool to edit any tag field
✔ Automatic track quality indicator

CrossDJ Free includes top notch advanced features for better, more creative mixes.
✔ 3 High definition audio effects (Echo, Chopper and Bi-Filter)
✔ Locators & CUE points
✔ Ultra precise BPM analyzer
✔ Automatic and Manual loops, locators, auto beat matching
✔ Effect synchronization on music beat/tempo
✔ High-end master tempo & hybrid pitch allowing speed change while keeping the original tonal Key (note)
✔ Beat gridding and visual Sync-Meter

La versione FULL di MixVibes CrossDJ rispetto alla versione FREE presenta le seguenti funzioni:

Download: http://www.mixvibes.com/products/try-crossdj-free
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Re: mappattura MIDI out

Postby HACKID on 24 Jan 2014, 12:55

Il MIDI out ORA c'e' sicuramente (nella versione 3 intendo).

Vorrei capire come funziona e sopratutto vorrei capire quando uscirà il manuale...
Grazie in anticipo.
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Re: MixVibes Cross & Cross DJ 3.0

Postby djantonio1 on 04 Feb 2014, 16:44

cioce ciao poss sapere perche quando vado fare l'aggiornamneto al versione 3.0 mi dice che non sono abilitato.grazie il mio soft è originale :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
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Re: MixVibes Cross & Cross DJ 3.0

Postby UncleVibes on 04 Feb 2014, 16:52

Si gratuito
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Re: MixVibes Cross & Cross DJ 3.0

Postby ROZE61 on 12 Feb 2014, 12:08

Ciao Cioce, ho appena scaricato la versione 3.0 e così ad orecchio con il PC e le cuffie mi sembra migliorato l'audio ma con mia grande delusione la waveform è per me quasi illeggibile! non capisco xchè abbiano utilizzato gli stessi colori per sx e dx ed in più la parte dove ci sono i punti cue è confusa e velata... faccio fatica a distinguere intro e break mentre sono soddisfatto dalle bandierine in bianco molto più visibili delle vecchie colorate. (quella che si leggeva meglio di tutte era quella del DVS Ultimate)
Sai se è possibile in qualche modo utilizzare la versione 3.0 con i vecchi colori e la vecchia wave? Io suono quella che veniva chiamata Afro negli anni 80 e le mie tracce in questa nuova versione non si capiscono sarò quindi costretto ad utilizzare ancora la 2.6

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Re: MixVibes Cross & Cross DJ 3.0

Postby cioce on 12 Feb 2014, 18:12

phpBB [video]
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Re: MixVibes Cross & Cross DJ 3.0

Postby ROZE61 on 15 Feb 2014, 11:12

Ciao Cioce, grazie x la "videorisposta" ma avevo già visto la possibilità di cambiare i 3 colori andando nel menù in "display", solo che mi trovavo sx e dx dello stesso preciso ed identico colore. Adesso ho disinstallato e reinstallato la versione 3.0 e i colori ora sono giusti, questo però non risolve il problema della poca chiarezza e distinguibilità della traccia (parlo della traccia intera dove sono segnati i CUE).
Non c'è paragone fra la vecchia e la nuova, magari chiederò all'assistenza del forum in Inglese se in un aggiornamento futuro riusciranno ad inserire oltre a legay, spectrum e nexus anche la "old"...

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Disattivare beatgrid,come?

Postby salvatoredc33 on 25 Feb 2014, 20:01

Come posso disattivare il beatgrid?Non riesco a impostare i locator a mio piacere
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