Imix U-Mix Discover : possible answers...

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Imix U-Mix Discover : possible answers...

Postby Support@MixVibes on 28 Jan 2010, 17:23

For all the imix users that can't make it work, here are some inputs/findings.

The imix don't own drivers, it just use generic ones from Microsoft, there is nothing to install and you can use it with any MIDI application.
So it can't be a Mixvibes related issue.

For those using the out of shelves cd version (6.414), there is a warning pop up about the MIDI config file at first launch.
just go to File/options/MIDI and select the one and only file named imix_2.
If you're using an updated version, all the above is useless, it's fixed.You also don't need to launch MV once then update, you can install the cd version, then install the update directly.

Windows XP :
if your PC can't see the imix then MV won't too (see at top of the thread).
This can happen on some systems for a lots of reasons :
- max number of 'audio usb input device' reached. At this stage, any new 'audio usb device' won't be detected and so won't be useable.
There is a tiny application you can found on the internet : MidiFixUtil. It will reset the max numbers of audio usb device.

- usb management is broken : in this case, it's not usb audio specific and Microsoft have the answer :
To fix this problem, delete the UpperFilters registry value and the LowerFilters registry value. These values may cause access problems.

Windows all versions
If your USB interface appears as USB Audio Device (on Windows XP) and/or does not require specific drivers from the manufacturer on installation, these are indications that your interface relies on the Windows class-compliant USB MIDI driver and is therefore susceptible to this problem. To our knowledge, only the Windows class-compliant MIDI driver is vulnerable to this issue so it is an issue that can occur on XP & Vista machines depending on the other USB devices you have installed.

Some of these 3rd party drivers are filtering the usb inputs. What you get is a device that is seen, installed in the system but can't be use and don't send data (it can also receive datas).
The only solution is too found which device is causing this, remove it and it's drivers (with the uninstaller of with windows), reboot.
Now your entries won't be filtered anymore.

Update : 12/27/2010

Some of the users simply :
- restart computer after installation
- change usb port
- use an active usb hub

cereal wrote:Hello everyone!

I received the DJ Discovery System as a gift. Awesome gift! But there was a problem, the hardware board didn't work but lit up like my Xmas tree! The following is what I did to get it working...

Close ALL programs and UNPLUG your DJ board.

- Go into Device Manager to make sure it was installed properly (Device Manager; under the sound, video and game controllers options). If its there with a yellow mark, uninstall and reinstall. If its there with no yellow mark, uninstall anyway and then reinstall. Close ALL applications (windows).
- Run the Mixvibes software.
- ALL board lights will NOT light up, only the ones you use will light up and blink.
- ENJOY!!!


and for those that can go beyond things, you could also check if there isn't any conflicting IRQ into your devices list.
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Re: Imix issues : possible answers...

Postby Support@MixVibes on 05 Mar 2010, 15:30

I have worked on a fix, that directly go to tweak the registry.
I've found (after) that this fix is needless if you're up to date with your drivers.

In my case Quicam drivers version 8.x.x simply disabled my Imix but 11.x didn't.
So the fix would be needed with v8 but not with v11... :rolleyes:
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Re: Imix issues : possible answers...

Postby Support@MixVibes on 04 Oct 2010, 14:02

This is not related to the imix only, U-Mix, Ion discover DJ and many more have exactly the same issues.
The computer/OS is often the point. If you want to be sure try your controller on another computer to see if it acts in a different way.
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Re: Imix U-Mix Discover : possible answers...

Postby DarkHunter20x on 08 Jan 2011, 08:10


So im new here and i was hoping i could get my controller fixed.

I got the Ion Discover DJ as a present this past Xmas, but like alot of people my controller didn't respond and all the lights are turned on.

I tried many of these solutions, but they don't work. Or i might be doing it wrong.

So i plug in my controller into my usb port, and it says my that its installed properly. But it still doesn't work when i run the discover program.

So i tried the Cereal solution and it does show yellow icon. I Uninstalled and reinstalled the driver, but it still doesn't work.

I even tried the MidUtilFix program but that didn't work either.

If someone could help please?!?!?
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Re: Imix U-Mix Discover : possible answers...

Postby Support@MixVibes on 10 Jan 2011, 12:49

Time to see with the Ion support I guess.
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Re: Imix U-Mix Discover : possible answers...

Postby Reax on 28 Jan 2011, 20:36

It doesn't work :cry:

What did you try exactly ? (and don't answer me everything...)
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Re: Imix U-Mix Discover : possible answers...

Postby fatboibond on 12 Feb 2011, 21:58

I just got The Discover DJ Controller and the software disc for my birthday and the controller won't do anything. Is there anything I can try to get it to work?
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Re: Imix U-Mix Discover : possible answers...

Postby Support@MixVibes on 14 Feb 2011, 16:03

If the controller doesn't work you should contact the Ion support.
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Re: Imix U-Mix Discover : possible answers...

Postby DJLJ83 on 24 Mar 2011, 00:58

Alright. Here's a general question: Is the registration key you get with the Discover DJ tied to the Discover DJ itself? I ask because my Discover DJ just got a short in its cord and no longer works properly. However, when I bought it, I got product protection plan. I'm bringing it back tomorrow morning for a no-questions-asked replacement.

The man at the store on the phone told me to hold on to the disc from the old unit, so I will. But should I make sure he gives me the disc and disc sleeve, with the new unit's registration key, along with the new unit? Or will my old registration key work with a new unit? I just want to make sure I don't get tricked out of a working registration key.

Also, if I do need the new registration key with the new unit, should I update the registration key on my MixVibes Forum Profile with the new registration key as well?

Any advice as soon as possible would be very appreciated. Thanks. :)
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Re: Imix U-Mix Discover : possible answers...

Postby Support@MixVibes on 24 Mar 2011, 10:56

You don't need a new disc or new key, just swap the hardware and it will still works.
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