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Remixlive 6: Make music & beats

PostPosted: 08 Dec 2020, 13:13
by Team@Mixvibes
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Remixlive 6 is out! The new version includes a lot of exciting features:

Song mode, a complete and feature-rich sequence view that will allow our users to create even more complex tracks and better fulfill their creative potential.

Live keyboard allows you to use any sample on the Drum Grid and play melodies with it ; it includes a scale mode for easier improvisation. This is particularly useful for beginner players to always play in the key of the track they're making, or even advanced creators for inspiration.

Step editing allows you to fine tune your jam by changing the velocity, pitch, offset and roll for each individual step. For a quick modification, you can select several steps and modify them all at once.

Try it out for free!
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