Remixlive 1.3 - Music generates visuals

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Remixlive 1.3 - Music generates visuals

Postby Team@Mixvibes on 20 Jul 2017, 17:59

With Remixlive 1.3, discover Generators, visual content rendered in real time. Tweak their shapes with adjustable parameters and let them react to the music to create near-infinite possibilities.

Create interactive visuals with Generators

– Custom colors, textures and shapes.
– BPM-synced and audio-reactive.

Open new possibilities for existing features

– Make Generators react to external sources with Audio Live Input.
– Map Generators’ parameters to a controller with MIDI learn.

Enhanced video collection

– Adding 36 free Generators plus another new pack available for purchase.
– Combine Generators with other visuals, pictures or video clips.

Check out our new video to learn what Generators make possible in Remixvideo 1.3 :
phpBB [video]

Remixvideo 1.3 is compatible with Mac OS and Windows, and now available for $99.

More info
Buy here

Download "Essential Generators", a free pack ​​​​​containing 36 generators with parameters, synced to the BPM or audio-reactive.
For support requests, you can check out the FAQ and reach our support staff at this page.
Thank You!
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