v4.0 : Just Go with it!!!

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Re: v4.0 : Just Go with it!!!

Postby sfronti on 29 Jan 2017, 22:31

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Re: v4.0 : Just Go with it!!!

Postby BoldFaceType on 15 Feb 2017, 01:04

I was harsh with my first post. Impatient really. Though it's not what I expected, I'm very pleased to see the ball is rolling again at MixVibes.

As for Cross PC/Mac, I'm content with LINK, and that I can now get DVS control vinyl. If all MV does for the rest of the year is just work out the bugs, so that v4.0 is a really reliable version I'll be happy.

Sorry I lost the faith. Keep up the good work MixVibes.

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