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Remixlive: new app out now!

PostPosted: 31 Mar 2016, 16:32
by Team@Mixvibes

Mixvibes introduces Remixlive, a brand new iOS app built for live remixing.

More and more DJs want to get into music production – however, not all of them can or want to jump straight into sophisticated DAWs. Thus, Remixlive was specifically designed as a bridge between DJing and music production: it allows users to lay down pro-sounding samples on an easy-to-use grid of pads and tweak them in seconds. Its simple design makes it very straightforward, with an interface that truly follows everyone's learning curve – one step at a time.

Instant creativity
● Remixlive has everything you need to remix music using synced loops, sounds & FX.
● Always stay on the beat: no matter how many loops are playing, they are all automatically
synced to the Master Clock.
● Create rich and layered tracks with Multiple Mode: play several samples per column.

Remix music, live
Remixlive is specifically optimized for live performance. Our powerful engine allows you to edit any sample in real time. Without stopping the music, you can:
● change the tempo
● adjust the tone of the samples
● play samples in reverse mode — and more.

Record & fine-tune
Want to create unique tracks? You can use your device's microphone to record sounds, vocals and instruments, and then fine-tune your samples using a nondestructive ADSR envelope editor.

Mixvibes has created Remixlive in order to inspire DJs and budding musicians to start producing their own music. Remixlive is both easy and fun to use, and a great way to open up the vast world of electronic music production to a much larger number of people.

Download Remixlive for free here:
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