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Mixvibes-Soundcloud and copyright

PostPosted: 02 Jul 2014, 08:23
by Team@Mixvibes

Message: About your Soundcloud integration. That's a violation of author
rights. You give the possibility to your users to use someone else's work
without paying for it. No less, no more.

Message: Seems that you're not willing to answer me about those author rights
(who should had thought that?). No problem, I will address this to GEMA,
Stemra, ... and others.

Copyright is an important source for making culture and we don't fight copyright.
When Mixvibes is born years ago, it was in many country a source of problem to mix from your own database in your computer. We were one of the first team to be able to mix these new Mp3 files.
We didn't do anything illegal, we were just bringing a technology to a public. We never published any comments on how and were to get illegal files.
Time changes and years after years new technologies appear.
While right owners lost a huge time to understand that mp3 files exist and how to deal with them, app store and so on, in a legal way was developed the new technology: streaming.

Soundcloud is legal as Spotify as Mixcloud!
Mixvibes as its competitors thinks that feature may change again the way to mix. For a copyright owners it means new questions.
We understand that.

Mixvibes as its competitors builds tools and only tools and if there is serious talks to have it's not with the tool maker but with the streaming industry.
We are aware of the new situations coming. If these features become popular and at no cost and no money for right holders it's definitly not our responsability.
Artists should discuss first with the real creators of free streaming.

Best regards

Re: Mixvibes-Soundcloud and copyright

PostPosted: 03 Jul 2014, 09:36
by DjSerkanBycall
thnx for this support.It's awesome idea.But may i learn something? Spotify can be awesome too after will be possible?

Re: Mixvibes-Soundcloud and copyright

PostPosted: 11 Jul 2014, 16:12
by RoJeC
Soundcloud appears to have some (good/forced) reason to be more tight on copyright. Maybe this news shows that SC is trying to be(come) leading in newer music. Which likely is the phase after (Cross) DJ's created new styles to be 'copy-catted' by the labels... ... abels.html