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Release Candidate Area Rules

PostPosted: 22 Dec 2008, 11:34
by jiel
Welcome to the MixVibes Release Candidate area - here's what you need to know:

This area will be open for the duration of the Release Candidate. This area will only be visible if you are logged in and a registered MixVibes user.

There are some very specific requests, guidelines and rules for anyone who participates in the Release Candidate, and by posting in this zone you must agree to respect these rules.


- The Release Candidate should be treated as unstable.
Do not use it at your gig, only test the Release Candidate if you can afford to have the system fail on you in some way. Keep a backup of your data - including song files, and MixVibes data. We're already fairly confident that RC is stable enough for wider testing, but we make no guarantees. It still needs your confirmation to become an official release.

- The Release Candidate is feature-complete.
Meaning that we won't be adding anything new to RC once the beta is released. All work will be on fixing bugs. Feature suggestions posted in the Release Candidate area will be ignored on this update... but that doesn't mean we don't want them, just that we want them in the feature suggestions area. If you have a suggestion for how to expand a feature, please post it in the feature suggestions area. However, if you do have a specific complaint about something that has changed since last update, please DO post it in the Release Candidate area.

Requests for help with already released versions posted in the Release Candidate area will quite likely be ignored and delete. If you have a support issue with any of the versions previous to the RC, post them in the help area and we'll help you out.

- Please be as descriptive as possible.
Every post should describe the scenario under which the bug occurred, what operating system you are using, what type of machine, and any other relevant information. Please try to name the thread in a way that clearly describes the problem.

- Use English, French or German
So we can all understand and work on the feedback together. Please indicate your language in the title of your message: [FR], [EN], or [DE].

- Give us a system description before starting your report :
Always let us know which Release Candidate version your are reporting for at the beginning of your post, and try to give us full detail on your set up in your signature for example. Operating system, Sound interface, driver version etc...

- Keep to one topic per thread, and stay on topic.
Please don't be offended if we ask you to start a new thread for an issue that you mention in a thread started by someone else, it's not hard to do and it will help keep the Release Candidate process running smoothly.

We will be ruthless in locking threads that are off topic, and bear in mind that the Release Candidate area will be going away when the final version is complete, so if an interesting conversation develops, move it to the DJ chat area.

- Where possible, verify reported bugs.
If you see someone else reporting a bug, see if you can reproduce it on your system. This will help us to resolve the bug faster, and it will also differentiate between bugs that occur on any machine given a set of circumstances, or if it is specific to one machine.

- Don't be offended if your question goes unanswered.
The moderators who will be reading the Release Candidate areas will be looking for specific things - namely bugs to fix. In many cases this information will be taken back to the lab, dissected, boiled and distilled, all with the intention of fixing the problem. Not every report will be responded to, for several reasons. We might have a good idea what the problem is, and wait until we have a fix, for example. Or there might be several bug reports which we can see are caused by the same underlying bug. If you have a question that isn't about the Release Candidate, and it hasn't been answered, post it again in the relevant thread - Help, Suggestions or DJ Chat.

Why are we doing a Release Candidate?

There are several reasons to do a Release Candidate. The number one reason is speed. More people looking for bugs = finding bugs faster = getting started on the next version sooner = more cool stuff = less waiting.

Why doesn't it have feature xyz?

There is a balance between implementing lots of improvements, and timely releases. We try to keep the changes between each version small so that they come out more often. If it's not in this version, don't think the feature you are after isn't coming. It may well be the first feature to be added to the next version of MixVibes !

Thanks to everyone who is helping out with this Release Candidate - let us know what you think of version RC!