Warning: Pirates... & donkeys

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Warning: Pirates... & donkeys

Postby UncleVibes on 22 Mar 2008, 22:16

I was interested to know what was the reactions of the web about the release of an version 7 of the product.
I see quickly by a google search that some sites offer a "rip off" of version 7 (added today while nobody got this version yet. Even me... waa of course this is a fake)
This is nothing else than a way to get your Visa card numbers for free... We make software & they are just gang members... Careful it's cheaper for you to buy directly to one of our distributors.
That's to say again we know more than you about these mafias. Stay away from them & use only genuine softwares.
Cracks add a lot of new lines of program at your own risks.

ISO mixvibes 7 Fullversion Download (981kb/s) Today
App InVIBES MixVibes DVS v6.363 (942kb/s) 09.15
App InVIBES MixVibes DVS v6.363 (796kb/s) 08.24
App Invibes Mixvibes DVS V6.363 (734kb/s) 08.11
App InVIBES MixVibes DVS v6.363 (734kb/s) 08.03
App MixVibes DVS 6 + 6.15 Update + Skins (634kb/s) 07.24
App MixVibes Pro 5.11 (586kb/s) 02.15

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From Web Results

File Name Provider Added
mixvibes 7 Full Download Full File Access Today
mixvibes 7 Final Release Full Releasez Today
mixvibes 7 With Crack Full Warez Today
mixvibes 7 Full Version Download Warez Today
mixvibes 7
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re: warning:pirates... & donkeys

Postby calculator on 23 Mar 2008, 00:46

by the way some of these versions and also versions from ed2k source contain viruses..
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Re: Warning: Pirates... & donkeys

Postby Collabs on 23 Mar 2008, 10:54

Warez suxxx!!!

If somebody wants to use Mixvibes should buy it! I hate this underground Word censored (guess you find it I love walking on it)!
F**k off to all this illegal downloaders!!

That´s my mind!!

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Re: Warning: Pirates... & donkeys

Postby phillip on 23 Mar 2008, 11:08

hey uncle i just found this.

EDIT: http://"I read it"
i haven't tried it but lets get it removed!!!!!!! :beg: :beg: :beg:
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Re: Warning: Pirates... & donkeys

Postby UncleVibes on 23 Mar 2008, 13:56

There is no support here for these old versions.
No updates for their users.
I tested last year this crack MV DVS (6.363) . The exe is 2 times bigger than the one we did.
What's inside? Viruses surely & what else?

I already made "n" messages & warnings this isn't surely the last one.
Maybe there are too many people concerned, too much money involved. Your credit card is my best friend. That's what they think.
You are elligible to free updates if you support the product. What else can we do when stupidity seems to rules the world.
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Re: Warning: Pirates... & donkeys

Postby defjam01 on 01 May 2008, 12:00

The warez scene is big as everybody knows. But i think mixvibes-software is as far as i see not copied so much like other software, cause there are not soo many versions that work out there. I think we should buy software that we really like and use. But there is of course some stuff that students cant efford (like ph*toshop or whatever) but need for their studies...

I also want to say that the pricing of mv is really fair (compared to other software on this sector) and in the last time support keeps getting really great! So if you use mv you really should buy it (of course one big thing for me is the support) to support further versions. And i mean hey: WHO gets a new version for free?! (From mv6->mv7)

:offtopic: If for example the developers of valve make a new half-life and everybody plays and loves it but just 1 person bought it to ripp it there will not be new versions cause they dont have any money to develop new software...think about it!
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faces up to five years in prison

Postby UncleVibes on 24 May 2008, 09:31

A member of an online piracy group has been convicted of conspiracy to commit criminal copyright infringement and faces up to five years in prison, the U.S. Department of Justice said.

Grant Gross is Washington correspondent for the IDG News Service wrote:
Barry Gitarts, 25, of Brooklyn, New York, was convicted Thursday in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia. In addition to up to five years in prison, Gitarts could face a fine of US$250,000, three years of probation and a requirement that he make full restitution, the DOJ said.

Gitarts was a key member of the Internet music piracy group Apocalypse Production Crew (APC) from at least June 2003 through April 2004, the DOJ said. Gitarts paid for and administered a computer server located in Texas that APC group members used to upload and download hundreds of thousands of copies of pirated music, movies, software and video games, the agency said.

Gitarts also received payment from the leader of APC, the DOJ said.

APC was a "first-provider" or "release group" of unauthorized materials online, the agency said. Release groups are the original sources for a majority of the pirated works downloaded through the Internet, the DOJ said.

"Music piracy is stealing and, unless you want to end up in a federal prison, don't do it," Chuck Rosenberg, U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, said in a statement.

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) praised federal authorities for bringing the case to trial. The Gitarts case was the first time a federal prosecution of an online criminal copyright infringement case primarily featuring music has gone to trial, the RIAA said.

"The crimes committed here -- as well as the harm to the music community -- are severe, and so are the consequences," Brad Buckles, the RIAA's executive vice president for antipiracy, said in a statement. "Groups like APC that specialize in leaking pre-release music are at the top of the piracy pyramid, and the efforts of federal law enforcement have dealt a real blow to these kinds of operations."

The Gitarts case is part of an ongoing federal investigation into the organized piracy groups responsible for the distribution of movies, software, games and music on the Internet. There have been 15 criminal convictions of APC members and 56 total convictions in Operation FastLink, an international investigation into Internet piracy.
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30 months in prison on charges of criminal copyright infring

Postby UncleVibes on 24 May 2008, 09:55

Since Feb 2005 date of the FBI raid there were no judgement, now its done. It's the begining of a never end story for this web criminal I hope for him that he made some money from its porno popup viruses spread & other malware distributed over & over like in all warez site. He may need it now to pay back.

WASHINGTON – David M. Fish, 26, of Woodbury, Conn., was sentenced yesterday in U.S. District Court in San Jose, Calif., to 30 months in prison on charges of criminal copyright infringement and circumvention, Assistant Attorney General Alice S. Fisher of the Criminal Division and U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of California Joseph P. Russoniello announced today.

FBI wrote:Fish was also sentenced by U.S. District Judge Ronald M. Whyte to a three year term of supervised release following his release from prison, a mandatory special assessment of $500, and the forfeiture of computer and other equipment used in committing the copyright offenses.

The case is part of Operation Copycat, an investigation by the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office targeting online warez groups, which illegally distribute newly-released movies, games, software and music online. Operation Copycat has resulted in 40 convictions thus far and is part of a larger federal crackdown against the illegal online distribution of copyrighted materials known as Operation Site Down.

On Feb. 27, 2006, Fish pleaded guilty to five counts in federal court in San Jose, including four counts in the Northern District of California case for conspiracy to commit criminal copyright infringement; distribution of technology primarily designed to circumvent encryption technology protecting a right of a copyright owner and aiding and abetting; circumventing a technological measure that protects a copyright work and aiding and abetting; copyright infringement by electronic means and aiding and abetting. On the same day, Fish also pleaded guilty to one count of criminal infringement of a copyright in the Southern District of Iowa. The two cases involved separate investigations and conduct in both jurisdictions. The charges were consolidated and prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of California.

In the Northern District of California case, according to court documents and information presented at the sentencing hearing, from approximately August 2004 to July 2005, Fish served as the site operator as well as a scripter, equipment supplier, broker and encoder for warez sites. As a site operator, he built and managed the warez site and controlled the daily operations of the site and server. Fish also circumvented technology measures designed to protect or limit access to copyrighted materials. Without circumvention, many of the copyrighted works could not be reproduced and made available to others. Once the DVDs were circumvented, they were uploaded onto the warez site and downloaded and accessed by hundreds of other warez participants.

Scripters for warez sites create, program and help build the sites. Suppliers provide an unauthorized copyrighted movie, game or software while equipment suppliers provide hardware (such as hard drives, computer parts, and computer servers) to the warez site. Brokers find groups to participate on the warez site and encoders circumvent the technological measures and protections of copyrighted works on the DVDs designed to prevent unauthorized access and copying.
In the Southern District of Iowa case, Fish participated in a separate warez site from Jan. 21, 2003, through April 21, 2004. The warez server used in this case was determined to contain approximately 13,000 pirated software titles including movies, games, utility software and music. Transfer logs confirm that defendant Fish assisted in the uploading of 131 software titles and downloading 373 software titles to and from the warez FTP server between Aug. 16, 2003, and March 29, 2004. The Iowa case resulted from an earlier national initiative against online piracy known as Operation FastLink.

Operation Site Down and Operation FastLink are the largest and most successful global criminal enforcement actions ever taken against the organized piracy groups which are responsible for most of the initial illegal distribution of copyrighted movies, software, games and music on the Internet. Consisting of multiple FBI undercover investigations, these two operations have so far resulted in a total of 108 felony convictions; more than 200 search warrants executed in 15 countries; the confiscation of hundreds of computers and illegal online distribution hubs; and the removal of more than 100 million dollars worth of illegally-copied copyrighted software, games, movies and music from illicit distribution channels.
Countries participating in these U.S.-led operations include: France, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Hungary, Israel, Spain, Australia, Singapore, Belgium and Germany.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Mark Krotoski, currently at the Criminal Division’s Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section (CCIPS) prosecuted the case with the support of Paralegal Lauri Gomez. Assistant U.S. Attorneys Hanley Chew and Shawna Yen have also assisted on the prosecution of other defendants convicted in Operation Copycat. CCIPS Assistant Deputy Chief Clem McGovern and Assistant U.S. Attorney Richard Richards prosecuted the Southern District of Iowa case with the assistance of the FBI.
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Re: Warning: Pirates... & donkeys

Postby Willacox on 22 Aug 2008, 03:11

Where is the old beta tester forum?
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Re: Warning: Pirates... & donkeys

Postby N-deep on 22 Aug 2008, 10:16

It has been replaced by the new one. It's available in the download center for beta tester group members only.
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