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hi all,i have a question

PostPosted: 28 May 2021, 07:01
by hypnos96
i'm newbie member
nice too meet you all
I am considering the Xone23c for the convenience of its internal soundcard. I'm also fairly frustrated with serato scratch live and would like to try Mixvibes. My question is, once I make the necessary internal connections to enable to Xone23c's DVS capabilities, can I still play regular old vinyl? On my current external soundcard I have to move my RCA outputs from *line to *thru in order to play my vinyl, then back to *line for timecodes. Is there a similar change one must make on the Xone or can I seamlessly switch from vinyl to timecode and back?


Re: hi all,i have a question

PostPosted: 04 Jun 2021, 18:40
by RoJeC
Not really expert in this. But timecode basically is normal vinyl. It has stereo tracks with constant frequency. Left and right are 'out of sync'.

If I understand the settings right it means if the signal is returned within the mixer or send to Cross. ALternative is to use the switch option in Cross to play the vinyl 'via deck A/B' instead of using the DVS input.

If you have the setting wrong you may end up with some background noise (the DVS frequency)