Bypassing the sound card using a splitter cable.

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Bypassing the sound card using a splitter cable.

Postby Jokovich on 10 Dec 2020, 21:41

Has anyone had any experience of bypassing the sound card using a splitter cable so your turntable can plug directly into the sound card and the phono input on the mixer? That way you can use the switch on the mixer to flip between DVS and real vinyl192.168.1.1 also retaining the proper analogue signal instead of a digital conversion in through mode?
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Re: Bypassing the sound card using a splitter cable.

Postby RoJeC on 11 Dec 2020, 12:47

Wiring this way is easy.
If it works properly is something you have to test.

If possible send the tt output at Line level as this is 100* stronger than Phono so less impacted by interference.

Also make sure you have the inputs set to Line connection (never send Line to Phono connector).

Likely you have in your setup, but make sure all powerplugs are connected to the same powercircuit (e.g. one wall outlet connection).

So yes, you can, but be aware of interference issues. And if you don't have this at home won't mean it will not occurs somewhere else. Or is OK when tested but when it gets crowded it changes...

Just to give some examples why hardly anyone does this... Cause if trouble starts you cannot just plug and unplug while being in a live set.
Basically avoid using cables that are wired to more than 2 devices. Even more if the device are 'active' (have active components).

hope this clearifies somewhat and at least makes you aware of the trouble that might pop up (light switched on with dimmer, led light drivers, professional oven/coffeemachine/frier turned on, Micro wave oven, wireless communication, electrical heaters,...)


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