Clarity on RemixLives future?

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Clarity on RemixLives future?

Postby Flexinoodle on 08 Dec 2020, 05:44

First off, v6 new features, superb, very very nice update, but can we get a bit of clarity on RemixLives future.
Is the desktop version legacy now? (A good thing IMHO)
New features are only added to the mobile versions and there is no link on the RemixLive main page about buying it for Desktop, but it still in the shop, so can we hope for more MIDI support on the iOS version moving forward?

For the record, I own all three versions and iPad has always been the slickest user experience for this type of software, vastly superior to the Surface Pro I use for the now outdated desktop version.
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Re: Clarity on RemixLives future?

Postby Team@Mixvibes on 08 Dec 2020, 15:45

Thanks for reaching out,

First of all, glad that you're enjoying the new update of Remixlive !

About your questions now :

Remixlive 6 is already supporting MIDI, we've mapped the LAUNCHPAD MKII at this very moment, we'll be working on mapping other controllers in the near future as well.

We're focusing on Mobile and Tablets for the future versions of Remixlive nevertheless, a MAC CATALYST version on the way which will be accessible to the iOS users, will be released in a couple of weeks from now.

If you have more questions, we'll be happy to answer.

Once again, thanks for your support!

The Mixvibes Team
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Thank You!
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