[PC] [WIN XP, VISTA, SEVEN] U46MK2 v3.0 

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1. Uninstall all previous U46MK2/DJ drivers:
- Turn off the U46MK2/DJ
- Go to [Start > Control Panel > Add/remove programs] and uninstall all U46MK2/DJ drivers
2. Download the new U46MK2 drivers
3. Unzip it and open it
4. Disconnect the U46MK2/DJ
5. Start the setup.exe
6. Let the install wizard help you to install the new drivers (wait while Windows detects your U46MK2 when plugging it)

If you use MixVibes 7:
7. Launch Mixvibes and go to [Preferences > Install Wizard]
8. Let the install wizard help you configure Mixvibes.

If you use MixVibes Cross:
7. Look at the documentation

If you hear crackling sounds, it means your latency setting is too low, choose a larger buffer size and test again.

NOTE : always use the original USB port


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