Ion Discover DJ - [MAC] Cross Discover DJ 1.3.2 License key

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Ion Discover DJ - [MAC] Cross Discover DJ 1.3.2 License key

Postby mbanana on 28 Dec 2011, 03:45

Hi -

We purchased an Ion Discover DJ from my daughter's friend (who is upgrading).

The software which came with the device - Discover DJ - no longer recognizes the license key however. I assume it has already been installed on a maximum number of machines.

Do we have any options in order to obtain a new license key? We downloaded the CrossDJ demo just to try the device out and it seems to work perfectly, but we'd really like to get Discover DJ working!

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Re: Ion Discover DJ - [MAC] Cross Discover DJ 1.3.2 License key

Postby christiankoopmann on 28 Dec 2011, 10:05


to my knowlege you have to contact your friend from where you have got the system and the license key that he should disable his computers for the software.
After disabling it should be able to register at a new computer. If not you have to ask the ion support if there is a option to disable all computers which are registered with this key to register new systems (the system works like the iTunes Media Account system max x computer are allowed to install and use it after that you have to disable one of the old computer do enable it on a new one).

you can also ask one of the support here at the forum if they have a clou for you but I think they give you the same answer that you have to ask the ion support.

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Re: Ion Discover DJ - [MAC] Cross Discover DJ 1.3.2 License key

Postby Support@MixVibes on 28 Dec 2011, 11:43

I can see your licence key into your profile so this is not your issue.

If the demo version of Cross DJ is working, then your controller is not faulty.

Download the latest Cross Discover DJ : downloads.php?cat=55
if it still doesn't work, advise with Ion support.
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