u46mk2 & normal vinyl

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u46mk2 & normal vinyl

Postby basta on 11 Feb 2008, 18:08


i'm a long time user of mixvibes DVS and i'm thinking about switching from my maya44usb to u46 so i was wondering about two things
how does the phono preamp work? and much more importantly how well does it work?

regarding how it works - what do i have to do to play normal vinyl? it seems to me that one has to both switch it on the u46 and press the bypass button on mixvibes.
regarding how well it works - this has to do with the fact that every single mp3/vinyl system in the market has a (more or less) lousy reproduction of normal records. best case scenario is that high tones lose their sharpness. so how does u46 handle that issue?
and if you're gonna tell me that it plays them perfectly, i would be very grateful if someone could record two 15 second clips of the same record, first with turntable plugged directly into mixer and the other going through the u46.

thanx for the help.
i use a lot of regular records so it's pretty important to me
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Re: u46mk2 & normal vinyl

Postby polocorp on 12 Feb 2008, 12:13

first thing the mayay is a low end sound interface, so obviously you will have a much better quality response (superior to Torq or serato plastic boxes). We're still not talking vinyl quality but thius will be a huge improvement from your Maya.

in terms of the phono preamps. all you need to do is calibrate your MixVibes with the switches on phono. (You can still play your mp3 with the softare with the switches at phono level, MixVibes takes the switch in a account only ina bypas situation). As soon as you hit the bypass button on the skin you will switch to real phono sound. The phono pre amps are a decent quality, like something you would find in a mid-range mixer.

if you want to get soething close to vinyl quality, you'll need to pick up an RMP fireface 400. This is amazing gear, but quite pricey. the angain when you think about it. One RPM = the price of 80 records roughly. Well worth the investment for a sound afficionado or professional DJ :grin:

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